The No Hassle Guide to Using Contracts

Chris Brown, Founder of Pixel Law
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Every entrepreneur will encounter contracts on their path to success.

In this free 30+ page ebook, you'll learn almost everything you should know about how to draft and negotiate contracts to create better deals. 

This ebook is perfect for anyone operating in the new economy: marketing professionals, copywriters, writers, business coaches, graphic designers, website/app developers, SaaS platform owners, product designers, clothing stores, bloggers & influencers, photographers, "mom & pop" shops, restaurants, and more.

ps... don't hesitate to use $0 as the fair price. It's free after all. :)

Here's what's included:

Chapter 1 - What is a Contract?

In this chapter we explore what constitutes a binding, legally enforceable contract, including the differences in oral and written contracts.

Chapter 2 - Contract Drafting

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can draft a contract if you know how. This chapter provides practical tips to learn how to use the right words in your contract.

Chapter 3 - Essential Contract Terms

Most contracts share a common set of important legal terms. This chapter will walk you through them from performance, to payment, intellectual property, and more.

Chapter 4 - Reviewing & Negotiating

In this chapter we teach you how to review a contract and the important issues to spot. We also offer practical advice on how to negotiate with other parties.

Chapter 5 - Digital Signatures

We love digital signatures and we use them all the time. In this chapter we explore how they work and whether your e-signatures are binding or not.

Chapter 6 - Additional Resources

We’ll point you in the right direction to learn even more about entrepreneurial legal issues.

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  • You'll get one ebook.

  • Size
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  • Length
    34 pages
  • You'll get one ebook.
  • Size1.11 MB
  • Length34 pages
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The No Hassle Guide to Using Contracts

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